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Egypt 2020 initiative has been formed by a young group of Egyptians who believe in the importance of shifting the focus of the Egyptian people from talking a lot about politics to discussing how best to grow the economy. We believe that we as Egyptians spend too much time talking about politics and political reform while we neglect the economy and that 800,000 graduates join the labour market every year looking for work.
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We aim to have a platform for economic ideas that Egyptians wish to be accomplished before the year 2020. We aim to publish ideas in an easy readible format to help people view what we are really need to be delivered, the costs, the delivery time, the obstacles and the benefits. An example of an economic goal would be to build a metroline from Mohandessin to 6th October city. The costs would be 10-15 billion $. The obstacles would be traffic jam while building it and the benefit would be to transport 100,000 people every day in 15 minutes instead of 1.5 hours.

We believe that this initiative should build on other existing initiatives (e.g., and provide the public with additional information that would help us to focus more on the economy.

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